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10W LED Floodlight 4000K – 2392

10W LED Floodlight 4000K – 2392



Premium 10W LED Floodlight 4000K!

Illuminate Your World with Daylight White Light

Experience exceptional outdoor lighting with the LEDVANCE 10W LED Floodlight in 4000K. This product offers a perfect blend of brightness, energy efficiency, and durability, making it an ideal solution for various outdoor applications. brought to you by Buffalo Developments Ltd.

Key Features of our 10W LED Floodlight:

Powerful Illumination

Bringing Light to Life

  • A Bright and Consistent 4000K Daylight White Light
  • Energy-Efficient 10W LED Technology
  • Perfect for Outdoor Security and Aesthetics

Robust Durability, Year-Round

Built to Last, Rain or Shine with our LED ECO Floodlight

  • Durable Construction and IP65 Weatherproof Rating
  • Ready for Harsh Outdoor Conditions
  • Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Customize Your Lighting

  • Adjustable Bracket for Precision Lighting
  • Direct Light Where You Need It
  • Versatile Angles and Applications

Long-Lasting Performance

  • Extended Lifespan for Reduced Replacements
  • Dependable and Reliable Lighting
  • A Cost-Effective Lighting Solution

Simple Installation

  • DIY-Friendly Setup with All Necessary Hardware
  • User-Friendly Instructions Included
  • Professional Quality, DIY Convenience

Unleash the Versatility

  • A Lighting Solution for All Your Needs
  • Enhance Security, Illumine Pathways, and Elevate Aesthetics
  • Residential and Commercial Applications

Eco-Conscious Lighting

  • LED Technology: Environmentally Friendly and Safe
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • A Sustainable Lighting Choice

In conclusion, this Floodlight in 4000K offers an unbeatable combination of powerful illumination, energy efficiency, and durability. With its brilliant daylight white light, weatherproof construction, and adjustable lighting angle, it’s the perfect solution for enhancing security, illuminating pathways, and elevating the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Its long-lasting performance, ease of installation, and eco-friendly design make it a dependable and sustainable lighting choice. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with confidence and trust in the quality of LEDVANCE. Brighten your world today!

Additional information


Nominal wattage: 10.00 W
Nominal voltage: 220…240 V
Mains frequency; 50…60 Hz
Nominal current: 46 mA
Inrush current: 2 A
Inrush current time Th50: 96 µs
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker B16: 56
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker C10: 35
Max. number of luminaires per miniature circuit breaker C16: 56
Power factor λ: ≥0.90
Total harmonic distortion < 35 %
Protection class I
Operating mode Integrated LED driver


Luminous flux: 800 lm
Luminous efficacy: 80 lm/W
Color temperature: 4000 K
Light color (designation): Cool White
Color rendering index Ra: ≥80
Standard deviation of color matching: < 6 sdcm
Luminous intensity: –
Flickering metric (Pst LM): –
Stroboscope effect metric (SVM): –
Photobiological safety group acc. to EN62778: RG1
Beam angle 110 ° x 110 °


Length: 109.00 mm
Height: 27.00 mm
Width: 90mm mm
Product weight: 0.15 kg


Lifetime: 20 000 hrs.
Switch cycle: 15 000